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Commercial Food Sealer Machine Skin Packing Machine For Food Products
  • Commercial Food Sealer Machine Skin Packing Machine For Food Products

Commercial Food Sealer Machine Skin Packing Machine For Food Products

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RODBOL
Certification CE/IOS9001
Model Number RDT320
Product Details
304 Stainless Steel MAP Packaging Machine
Moold Type:
Machine Weight:
Power Supply:
6061 Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Cutter Part:
Stainless Steel
High Light: 

map tray sealer


modified atmosphere packaging equipment

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Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
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Wood case
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L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Product Description

Commercial Food Sealer Machine Skin Packing Machine For Food Products



MAP machine:


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) can effectively solve the problem of quality deterioration of vacuum-packed

food, extend the shelf life of food, and reduce food circulation cost. With the change of people's consumption

consciousness, modified atmosphere packaging technology is more and more recognized and welcomed by

consumers for its superior safety and freshness preservation function. The principle of modified atmosphere

packaging is to use modified atmosphere fresh gas (2-4 kinds of gas are mixed according to the characteristics of

food), replace the air in the box or bag, change the external environment of the food in the box (bag), and inhibit

bacteria ( The growth and reproduction of microorganisms slow down the metabolism of fresh fruits and vegetables,

thereby extending the shelf life or shelf life of food. Take the preservation of fruits and vegetables as an example:

Fresh fruits and vegetables still breathe after picking, consume O2 to produce CO2, gradually increase the content

of CO2 in the environment and reduce the concentration of O2. The use of highly permeable plastic film can

exchange gas with the atmosphere, supplementing the O2 is consumed and CO2 is discharged. When the rate of

gas penetration into the film is equal to the breathing speed of the fruits and vegetables, the gas in the packaging

bag reaches a certain equilibrium concentration, which can maintain a weak breathing rate for the fruits and

vegetables without producing anaerobic breathing, thereby delaying the maturity of the fruits and vegetables and

keeping them fresh. The use of modified atmosphere packaging can ensure the taste, nutritional content and

freshness of food without using preservatives and additives.


In the 1980s, the application of modified atmosphere modified packaging for British retail meat greatly promoted the

research and application of advanced technologies and equipment for modified atmosphere packaging. In the late

1990s, China began to develop food modified atmosphere packaging technology and equipment. Shanghai meat

processing enterprises introduced foreign modified atmosphere packaging equipment and developed fresh pork

modified atmosphere packaging market, which laid the foundation for the market application of modified

atmosphere packaging in China. At present, compared with the international advanced level, there is still a large

gap between modified atmosphere packaging technology and equipment in China, which is mainly manifested

in low equipment accuracy, poor stability, and low degree of automation. For easily oxidized food, the increase of

the oxygen content in the packaging container may easily lead to oxidative deterioration of the food and rapid

proliferation of aerobic bacteria, and shorten the shelf life of the food. How to control the oxygen content of easily

oxidizable food packaging containers, improve productivity and automation, and reduce packaging costs has

become a technical challenge for modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging that needs to be solved.



Product details:

The RDT320P  tray sealer is based on tried and tested technology; it combines excellent seal integrity and pack

presentation with flexibility, quick changeovers and user-friendly operation in a compact and hygienic design.
It is particularly suitable for packing vegetable and fruit in a protective atmosphere, particularly meat, thanks to the

patented gas exchange system. They package fresh, refrigerated, retort or frozen food products at a full range of

outputrates. MAP and VSP systems produce attractive, leak-proof, tamper-evident packages with greater seal

integrity and extended shelf life. They are perfect for all types of sausage, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared food

and cheese packaging. It is also becoming increasingly popular in fresh-cut produce, like pre-packaged salads

and fruit, for convenience, quality and more variety.if you're shopping for any of these items at the grocery store,

they've been packaged using MAP. Learn more about this growing packaging trend when you reach out to an

Atlas Copco expert.


It has the characteristics of keeping food quality, freshness, color, treasure shape and taste.

The basic principle of this packaging is to use high barrier materials (plastic trays and lidding films) to isolate food from the outside air, and fill the tray (2-3 kinds according to the characteristics of the food) to make the packaged food for a long time.

Maintain the original flavor and appearance, and inhibit the growth of various bacteria and microorganisms to a large extent.

Extend the shelf life of food.

Control the breeding of various bacteria and microorganisms.

Just press the start switch, and then vacuum-inflate-sealing-cut film-feed film and take-up film-finished products come out, and it will be done automatically at one time.

To achieve high production efficiency, easy to use, high degree of automation, this product breaks through the lack of traditional technology, and provides a new type of product with high cost performance.




Weight 110kg
Power 220/50 V/Hz
Pressure(MPa) 0.6-0.8 
Material Stainless steel+Aluminum alloy
Air replacement system RODBOL positive pressure
Cutter part material Special stainless steel
Pneumatic system SMC
Air Exchanging Rate (%) ≥99%
Capacity 280-300pcs/h



RDT320P Advantage:



1. Sophisticated replacement system, the residual oxygen content of each box is less than 0.5%, which is the basic

guarantee of the freshness retention


2. Germany imported special mixing system, the mixing error is less than 1%. Stable freshness cycle


3. Simple but not simple, it can pack 300 servings per hour, improving efficiency and super low cost


4. Multifunctional control system, convenient for operation


5. 220V plug and play, no need to configure any other equipment, no maintenance, low cost of use


6. Small and exquisite, carefully create every detail, stable and durable





1. Is your company manufacture or trading company ?
We are factory and we have about 10 years experience in packing machine line.

2. Can i visit your company ?
Sure, welcome to our company.

3. Can you do OEM?
Yes,we can do OEM and also can print your logo on machine.

4. Did your machine approved CE?
Our all machines were had approved CE.

5. Do you have any stock of standard machine?also regarding the customized machine.
Yes,we always have stock of standard machine.we can shipping it within 3days after get your payment.

6. Can you help us contact the shipping agent in your loading port?
Of course,we have own best shipping forwarder who always provide the best services&price




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