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Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine , 304SS Commercial Food Sealer
  • Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine , 304SS Commercial Food Sealer

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine , 304SS Commercial Food Sealer

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RODBOL
Certification CE/IOS9001
Model Number 480P
Product Details
Meat Food Commercial MAP Packaging Machine
Main Structure Material:
304 Stainless Steel+Aluminum Alloy
220/50(V/Hz) Or Customize
Machine Size(mm):
(L) 1200mm X (W) 1230mm X (H) 1500 Mm
Max. Film Width:
Max. Film Diameter:
High Light: 

map packaging equipment


map packing machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wood case
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Product Description

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine , 304SS Commercial Food Sealer
MAP machine:
Composite atmosphere of fresh packaging, also known as gas replacement packaging, internationally known as MAP packaging (ie Modified Atmosphere Packing). Composite air conditioner packaging machine principle is the use of composite fresh gas (2-4 gas mixture according to the characteristics of food), the air inside the box / bag replacement, change the box / bag of food outside the environment, inhibit bacteria (microorganisms ) Growth and reproduction, slow down the metabolism of fresh fruits and vegetables, thereby extending the shelf life of food or shelf life.
RDL480P is known for its performance and simplicity of use. This MAP packaging machine is also called nitrogen filling packaging machine, lock fresh packaging machine, etc., modified atmosphere packaging machine is to use oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other inert gases to mix and replace the air inside the box to achieve the purpose of air conditioning.

This machine adopts the machine, electricity, gas joint control, by PLC with the touch screen, the various parts of the action and control parameters can be set through the PLC, modify. Simple operationIt is suitable for modified atmosphere packaging of variety kinds foods such as cold fresh products and cooked products.The machine can support different tray sizes and shapes, different material types (e.g. CPET, PP, PET, PVC, Foil, Paper) and even with different compartments.
Requirements for equipment:
1. The residual oxygen rate in the box is less than 0.5%. (The accuracy of the fresh air replacement gas on behalf of the equipment directly determines the freshness period.) The box size, specifications, depth, depth of equipment replacement, and mechanical processing accuracy all affect this accuracy.
2. The precision of the fresh-keeping gas ratio is 1%. Imported high-precision mixing system can effectively ensure the stability of fresh-keeping cycle
3. Uniform heat-sealing and beautiful appearance (the quality of heat-sealing determines the rework rate of the product and also increases the appearance value of the packaging product)
4. High-speed packaging (reducing production costs)
① Refrigerated environment: temperature is one of the most important factors affecting bacterial reproduction. Even in modified atmosphere packaging, bacteria will still multiply at room temperature. Modified modified atmosphere food must be distributed under cold chain conditions.
② Packaging materials: Packaging materials will not only affect aesthetics, but bad packaging materials will also affect the gas transmission rate, thus affecting the shelf life of the product. Generally, the packaging film of cold fresh meat uses an anti-fog shrink film, which can prevent the generation of mist and prevent the packaging film from collapsing after O2 is absorbed.
Several protective gases for commonly used food modified atmosphere packaging and recommended ratios

Food name CO2 N2 O2 Temperature℃ Preservation time
Red meat 20% - 80% 0-4 7-9 days
Viscera 20% - 80% 0-4 7-9 days
Raw poultry 30% 70% - 0-4 7-9 days



1. The art of cutting the inner edge to enhance the brand value of the product

2, simple operation, all with one click, all packaging can be completed

3, automatic top box device, easy to take, save labor

4, millions of sliding without failure, stable packaging.

5, low-voltage electrical appliances, mixing systems, start-up devices are using the global first-line brand

6. Advanced replacement technology, the residual oxygen content is stable below 0.5%.

7, industrial design, the highest quality materials, carefully create each corner

8, special multi-box sealing film cutter control system, to ensure that each box of packaging is beautiful



1. Do you have factory?
Yes, we have own factory.
2. When can I get the price?
We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.
3.What about the lead time for mass production?
15~25 working days after get the deposit payment.
4. How about payment?
30% deposit, 70% balance before shipping.
Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine , 304SS Commercial Food Sealer 0Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine , 304SS Commercial Food Sealer 1

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