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Automatic Ready Meal Packaging Machine Vacuum Stainless Steel Frame Antirust
  • Automatic Ready Meal Packaging Machine Vacuum Stainless Steel Frame Antirust
  • Automatic Ready Meal Packaging Machine Vacuum Stainless Steel Frame Antirust

Automatic Ready Meal Packaging Machine Vacuum Stainless Steel Frame Antirust

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RODBOL
Certification CE/IOS9001
Model Number RDW550P
Product Details
Automatic Ready Meal Packaging Machine Food Vacuum Packaging Machine
Working Pressure:
0.6-0.8 MPa
Single Cycle Time (seconds):
Power (KW):
German (JSCC)
High Light: 

ready meal packaging equipment


vertical vacuum packaging machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wood case
Delivery Time
25-30working days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
Product Description

Automatic Ready Meal Packaging Machine Vacuum Stainless Steel Frame Antirust


What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP?
Everyone knows that food does not stay fresh forever. Milk turns sour, bread goes mouldy, meat develops a brown colour and an ‘off’ smell. A number of factors cause food spoilage. Oxygen in the air can cause a process of decay called oxidation. For example fats and oils in food can oxidise to make the food turn rancid. One of the main causes of the spoilage of food is the growth of microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and mould that are present all around us, even in and on our own bodies. These microbes feed and grow on the food product, causing it to go bad. The appearance of food can also change over time when exposed to air. Fresh meat turns brown after a while because of interactions between oxygen and pigments in the tissue.
Status of distribution and storage of nutritious meals:
The probability of food deterioration or contamination in circulation, storage and transportation is much higher than in the factory building. At present, most foods in China, whether sealed or fresh, fruits, vegetables, and meat are transported or even preserved in ordinary ways at room temperature, which not only causes a high loss rate of food, but also easily causes food deterioration , Affecting consumption. 95% of the fresh, cooked food, fruits and vegetables abroad are transported through the cold chain. The temperature of refrigeration and transportation has strict temperature standards in processing, storage and transportation.
Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is to control the proportion of gas to achieve the purpose of storage and preservation:
The experiment of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria shows that carbon dioxide with a concentration of more than 20% can obviously inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and molds. The modified atmosphere preservation of nutritional meals generally uses 30% carbon dioxide concentration for freshness preservation, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold, and also avoids the influence of higher concentration carbon dioxide on product quality.
Isolate oxygen and avoid oxidation to prevent some substances in cooked food from being oxidized and the growth of aerobic bacteria. For example, nitrate reacts with oxygen gradually to form nitrite.
1. When the oxygen content is less than 1%, aerobic bacteria are significantly inhibited
2. When carbon dioxide is higher than 20%, the aerobic bacteria suppression effect is strengthened
3. Avoid oxygen oxidation and rancidity in the absence of oxygen
4. Do not squeeze food
5. Shelf life can be kept for 10-15 days

NO. Name Configuration Remarks
1 Rack part 304 stainless steel + aluminum alloy Food grade, no food direct touch
2 Mold part 6061 anodized alloy Food grade
3 Cutter part Special stainless steel Food grade
4 Pneumatic system SMC High stability
5 Workbench 6061 anodized aluminum alloy High stability
6 Electronic Control System Japan Omron High stability
7 Low-voltage electrical appliances Schneider High stability
8 Film-feeding mechanism Millimeter-level die-moving mechanism High stability
9 Motors German (JSCC) High stability
10 Putting box machine, parallel machine 304 stainless steel + aluminum alloy efficient integration
11 Pushing box mechanism Servo-push type High precision error free



1 High-speed, user-friendly operation
2 Simple integration into any production line
3 Inside cut technology for aesthetic appeal
4 Servo Driven automatic transportation line
5 High accuracy servo driven automatic tray collation
6 Automatic seal operation with accurate seal dwell time
7 Excellent return on investment
8 Full monitoring and control of MAP
9 Stainless steel frame and anodized alloy for easy sanitation
10 Efficient tool design reduces air and gas consumption
11 Economical use of consumables and services

Q: First time import, how can I believe that you would send product ?
A: We are verified company by made in china ,to make transaction success, we support with visit our factory.

Q: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?
A: First , we package is standard for shipping,then send you the photo when give the product to the freight forwarder. before pick up , please confirm product undamage, if damage, The ship company will take the responsibility.

Q: What after sales service or any question about products?
A: This machine enjoys 1 years warranty , any problem , I am on line from 9 am to 12 pm, or you can send me mail , will reply you within 12 hours , I'll give you detail instruction.
Q: Why choose us?
1. We have more than 10 years of packing machine producing experiences, it makes us focus more attentions to keeping machine high qu zality.
2. We insist on using main international famous brands of accessories, to ensure the quality of packing machine.
3. We will provide our customers with at least one year warranty service.
4. We can send our staffs to abroad for after sale service,and guide customers how to use the packing machine, our staff will be in the first time to solve the problems when customer needed.

Q: I have never use this kind of packaging machine,how to control?
1. Each packing machine were accompanied by the detail operating instructions.
2. We will send the detail videos of each step installation for the packing machine.
3. We can also send engineers to the abroad scene for guidance.

Q: How to choose a best fit packaging machine?
1. Give us the product detail sizes, weight, and long,wide,high of the packaging bag, packaging style, we will make a detailed plan for your reference.
2. Provide us the samples or pictures of your packaging products,then we will send you the relative video and right model packing machine,and will also send you the reasonable Quotations any time.

Q: What makes us outstanding from peers?
1. The most strict QC standard in the industry is applied.
2. CE and ISO certificate.
3. High capacity production with advanced technology packing machines.
4. A wide selection of packing styles, and product types.
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