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IP65 Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Minipack Vacuum Sealer
  • IP65 Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Minipack Vacuum Sealer
  • IP65 Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Minipack Vacuum Sealer

IP65 Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Minipack Vacuum Sealer

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RODBOL
Certification CE/IOS9001
Model Number RDL380P-G
Product Details
Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Vacuum Packing Sealer Machine
Packaging Residual Oxygen Rate%:
< 0.5%
Power Supply:
220V / 50Hz
Air Exchanging Rate:
High Light: 

fruit and vegetable packing machine


food vacuum machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wood case
Delivery Time
25-30 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
Product Description

IP65 Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Minipack Vacuum Sealer


The principle of modified atmosphere packaging:

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, and they continue to breathe after picking, resulting in the consumption of nutrients and the quality of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, the high moisture content of fruits and vegetables is also likely to cause damage by microorganisms and insects, resulting in a reduction in the edible value of fruits and vegetables and huge economic losses. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the storage and preservation technology of fruits and vegetables, prolong the storage time and reduce the storage loss.


The modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables can minimize the respiration rate of fruits and vegetables, reduce aerobic consumption, control anaerobic breathing, maintain moisture and taste, and maximize the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The technology has unparalleled advantages. Modified atmosphere storage and preservation is currently recognized as the best storage and preservation method for fruits and vegetables in the world.





Product name Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Customize Vacuum MAP Tray Sealing Machine
Mold RDL380P-G
Tray size / mm ≤390 × 280 × 85
Packing speed (box / hour) 650-800
Maximum width of roll film 360mm
Film diameter Φ260mm
Packaging residual oxygen rate% < 0.5%
Mixed gas error% ≤1%
Electrical components Schneider
Power supply 220V / 50Hz
Power kw 3.5 / 5kw
Air source MPa 0.6 ~ 0.8
Weight 500kg
Packing  Wood case


Key factors of modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables


1. Temperature
Low temperature conditions can reduce the respiration, transpiration and oxidation rate of fruits and vegetables
When growing, below a certain critical temperature, the activity of microorganisms will completely stop.

2. Respiration
The respiration rate of fruits and vegetables will directly affect the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables. It is of great significance to determine the respiration rate of the fruits and vegetables to be packaged.
A method for accurately measuring the respiration rate of fruits and vegetables.


3. Gas
CO2 has a certain protective effect on various fruits and vegetables, can inhibit bacteria
And fungal growth, the higher the concentration, the slower the fruit ripening,
Aging, reduce the respiration rate, but at the same time, when the CO2 concentration is higher, it dissolves
Carbonic acid will be formed in the fruit, changing the pH and flavor of fruits and vegetables, will cause
Shrinking packaging affects appearance and may even cause fruit poisoning. Reducing the concentration of O2 in the package will reduce the respiration rate of fruits and vegetables, but too low O2 content will cause hypoxic damage (hypoxic environment metabolizes harmful substances by anaerobic exhalation, reducing the quality of fruits). A certain high oxygen environment can inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and fungi, reduce the rot of fruits and vegetables, reduce the respiration rate and ethylene synthesis of fruits and vegetables, slow tissue browning, and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables.

4. Packaging materials
The modified atmosphere of fruits and vegetables also requires that the packaging materials have air permeability that meets the breathing frequency of fruits and vegetables, so as to create a balanced breathing space for the preservation environment of fruits and vegetables, and achieve the best storage time for fruits and vegetables. Gas component, but the permeability of common packaging films currently on the market is generally low, especially for some fruits and vegetables with high breathing rate, they rarely meet the requirements of their modified atmosphere packaging, and micro-breathing film can greatly improve the permeability of the film , Breathing oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide and ethylene, micro-breathing modified atmosphere preservation technology has become the main direction of fresh packaging of fruits and vegetables.


IP65 Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Minipack Vacuum Sealer 0



1 The art of cutting the inner edge to enhance the brand value of the product
2 Simple operation, all with one click, all packaging can be completed
3 Automatic top box device, easy to take, save labor
4 Millions of sliding without failure, stable packaging.
5 Low-voltage electrical appliances, mixing systems, start-up devices are using the global first-line brand
6 Advanced replacement technology, the residual oxygen content is stable below 0.5%.
7 Industrial design, the highest quality materials, carefully create each corner
8 Special multi-box sealing film cutter control system, to ensure that each box of packaging is beautiful




Q1: How long it will take to deliver the machine after the deposit?
A1: Usually it will take 10-25 working days to manufacture the machine and ready to deliver.


Q2: What do you need to make a special offer?
A2: To make a special offer we will need the dimensions of the product and package. Also we need the approximate capacity you want per hour or per day with this machine. Other information or specifications you want which we need to know before we start the project, please tell us all.

Q3: How long is the warranty period?
A3: We offer one year warranty .

Q4: Will you offer oversea service?
A4: Yes, We will. But first we suggest solve the problem on line. If the problem is still, we can arrange engineer to go to your factory. But this is not included in the warranty.

Q5: How to train us for using this machine?
A5: Normally your people can operate this machine easily through our video teaching. Also you can send your people to our factory for training.

Q6: Can you help us contact the shipping agent in your loading port?
A6: Of course, we have own best shipping forwarder who always provide the best services&price to us.


Equipment show:

IP65 Fruit Vegetable Packing Machine Plastic Trays Minipack Vacuum Sealer 1




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